How long do you have to wait to change your tongue ring?

I got my tongue pierced yesterday and i was wondering when i can change it to another tongue ring

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12 Responsesto “How long do you have to wait to change your tongue ring?”

  1. Gizmo66 says:

    not unelss you want to risk infection,

    they say 8-10 weeks for a toung ring and i suggest you wait this long,
    my sister didnt and ended up in hospital with a hematoma on her toung(big ass blood clot) very grosseeee!!!!

  2. Pipsqueak says:

    ask your piercer for the best answer to this question. Every piercer has different standards.

    My piercer told me to wait 6 weeks to change it. I waited 3 until I changed to a shorter barbell bcz the one I had was bothering my mouth.

    Other piercers tell you to go back in two weeks so they can change it to a smaller barbell.

    Your best bet is going to be to call your piercer and ask him/her how long you should wait.

  3. Marie says:

    I was stupid and did mine myself, but i waited about 2 weeks. Ask a professional piercer.

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  4. paige b says:

    3 weeks

  5. J.T says:

    well i changed the first dai i got it but i had gotten it b4.The first time i got it i waited a week,and itdid not get infecteed either times.

  6. megan says:

    i got mine last monday night and i just now changed mine….. i think it will be ok?

  7. alyssablu3 says:

    i suggest NOT to take it out the very first day, or even the very first 1 to 2 weeks. You should leave it in for about 6-8 weeks before changing it, the tongue is not supposed to have a metal rod through it so it needs time to heal. Anyways, that would be a stupid thing to do to take it out on the first couple days, you risk infection, and YOU could be one of those people that do get an infection, don’t take the chance of that.

  8. alyssablu3 says:

    trust me on this one, my brother he got his tongue pierced, i got mine done too, but he was acting stupid and took it out the 3rd day after having it pierced, he got a major infection on his tongue and had to go to the hospital. Personally i would feel sorta stupid if i had to go to the hospital over something that i knew what to do about, but just decided to take it out anyways. DON’T take it out the first couple weeks, and if you already have, well pray that you don’t get an infection! lol

  9. Emmalee45 says:

    So i got my tongue pierced , three days ago . And it hurts really bad , and i can barely eat , and talk . And it starting swelling really bad today . My piercer told me to wait ATLEAST 6 weeks , if not 8 to change mine . I wanted to take it out , but i can’t unless it heals . So im not gonna bother . But i know atleast 5 people who got theres done , and three of them , said wait atleast 3-4 weeks , if you have no swelling , well if you don’t then go right ahead , but at your own risk . I am most likely not going to change mine for about 5 weeks the least . Even though its bugging the crap out of me ! . Stay strrong , and keep it in for atleast 5 weeks , tops , unless you don’t have sweeling .

    thank you .

  10. Gmer193 says:

    I got mine peirced a week ago and had too change mine out today. My peircer told me that it was ok if the original was irritating my mouth, just make sure that the other one is sterilized before changing it out.

  11. dreamwarrior101 says:

    well i got my tongue pierced about 13 days ago and i just switched mine out today because the long metal bar with the metal balls were hurting my teeth and bugging my mouth. I figured it would be ok because i had no pain or discomfort at all whatsoever. the pussing had pretty much stopped..and there was no more swelling at im pretty sure i will be fine

  12. dreamwarrior101 says:

    didnt even hurt to switch it out..

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